KonnecTo provides brands with actionable insights and answers their most pressing business challenges analyzing customers’ past & present personal interactions and data at every touch-point to save brands time and money. We collect previously unreachable data, analyzing personal interactions customers have with brands today and over the past 10 years. Additionally, we learn intimate details about the customers by learning about their schedules, their lives, events they attend, content they read and share, and their values and emotions. Using this data, we provide brands with insights into their customers' behavior and needs - helping the brand to save money by targeting each customer where they are at and making smarter decisions in the future. Using this new high-quality personal customer data, we build deeper-than-ever profiles and enable brands to make data-driven business and marketing decisions, create and improve their 1:1 marketing campaigns, find undiscovered networks of mini-influencers, choose their next major sponsorship deal wisely, and enrich customer profiles like never before.
Stage of Business Revenue Stage, less than 2-years
Type of Business Marketing / agency
Gross Revenue to Date $100,00 or less
Investment Amount Requested Less than $500,000
Status Pending
Score 6.33
Responses 3

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