You have 60 seconds to describe the essence of your business.




If you are feeling a little stressed it’s okay, you are not alone. A 60-second “elevator” pitch is no easy task. We’ve broken it down into four simple steps. Once you nail this, you can easily convey the keystones of your business and your purpose in 60 seconds or less.


The first part of your pitch is where you convey your story and purpose. I recommend only allocating a few sentences to this. This is where you want your audience to imagine your business or product on the market.

Problem or Challenge

Here is when you explain the problem you are solving. This is where you share the value you are providing to your customers. Ask yourself, “Why do customers need your solution?”

The Solution

Explain what your business offers. Ask yourself “how are you solving the problem you just explained”. Your solution is unique, simple, efficient. It has the promise of a bigger future.

The Opportunity

This is when you point to the marketplace, the demand for your business and how your idea and your solution will meet this demand. You invite your audience to join with you to meet this demand and be successful, together!


If I were the CEO of Apple, doing an elevator pitch to introduce the iPhone, this is how I would craft the pitch using the outline described above. I am using this example as a point of reference because it is widely known. Your pitch will have more substance to it but this is just a framework to get you started!


“Imagine a world where you can find answers to your questions, document your life in real time, listen to your favorite music, and connect with anyone in the world… all at the swipe of a few buttons. ”


“Until now, these functions have been limited to the desktop computer. People currently do not have the mobility or easy accessibility for all of these connections and functions.”


“The iPhone has a sleek design and an easy to use interface. It has all the capabilities as your desktop computer at home, but it fits in the palm of your hands.”


*“The mobile smartphone industry is a billion dollar industry and growing.”

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Now that you have this sample framework for the essence of your elevator pitch, it is time to practice! Click on the, download the app and upload YOUR pitch in moments.