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Episode 30 – Simmons Lettre – Leadership, Prototyping, Flow States & Designing Your Life

WatchPitch Podcast: For Start-Ups & Investors
By Trey Scott

Episode 30 – Simmons Lettre – Leadership, Prototyping, Flow States & Designing Your Life

Episode Summary

Our guest today is Simmons Lettre, Founder of Charter Board Partners. She regularly consults with the formation of Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors for Charter Schools, nationwide. Charter schools, in many respects are start-ups in the business of education. Charter schools are also innovators, by design, in a field that has been around, well, for centuries. The leadership of these organizations is key to their success and discovering best practices by applying emotional intelligence and design principles from experts at Stanford University are all part of our discussion that underscores how culture eats strategy for lunch. Give this a listen…as you reflect on your own organizational culture… You will be inspired!

Episode Notes

We learned from Simmons the importance of connecting the dots from our personal self-care and well being along and a sense of good flow, or friction, to determine for ourselves as leaders, how best to pivot when needed. And sometimes this means a closer look at what we are designing into the culture of our organizations…and the wisdom of having some fellow visionista’s or advisors and coaches nearby to help us along the way.

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