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Episode 9 – Melody Isis Herman: Entrepreneur’s Agent and Benefits Shaman

WatchPitch Podcast: For Start-Ups & Investors
By Trey Scott

Episode 9 – Melody Isis Herman – Entrepreneur’s Agent at POP Benefits, offering Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Businesses.

Episode 9
May 11, 2018

Melody Isis Herman

My guest today is Melody Isis Herman. Her company is POP Benefits and when you look her up on her LinkedIn profile you will see that she leads her title with Benefits Shaman…Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Businesses. That’s intriguing. She and I were introduced at our local 1 Million Cups weekly event that is sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation. This is a weekly gathering of start-ups and entrepreneurs who learn every week from one another and how to be better at what they do. Melody is a spirited Ambassador for Million Cups and also a leader of her own, women-owned business. Let’s get started.


Our conversation with Melody underscored the importance of connecting and what to do to cultivate generosity, self-care and a good sense of humor… and how that can go a long way in becoming and claiming who we are as a maturing business leader.

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